VIDEO: Killing Africa16:24

Obianuju Ekeocha, Founder and President of Culture of Life Africa has produced an insightful documentary that exposes a leading abortion provider in the world called Marie Stopes International (MSI). Marie Stopes International is a UK-based organization that works in 37 countries around the world of which 16 are African countries.

In their UK practices, they have been riddled with many scandals bordering on malpractice, mismanagement, mistreatment of staff and patients.

In spite of these scandals in the UK , Marie Stopes International still gets about £250 million every year from their donor-partners (which include many western governments like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Norway and Denmark ) to further their work in Africa. In most of these African countries, Abortion is not legal as majority of African populations consider abortion to be an attack on the life of the unborn.

However, this UK-based abortion organization has set up clinics across the continent under the guise of “family planning”. But in practice, there have been reports of industrial-scaled illegal abortion operations.
MSI may also be concealing from their (western) donors, the scope and nature of their unethical (and sometimes inhumane) practices in Africa.

This documentary shows the world how this British organization may be Killing Africa and Africans.


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