SHOCKING VIDEO: The Truth About Miracles In Churches02:40

Pastor Benny Hinn tells a Pentecostal audience that Catholics experience more miracles than Pentecostals.

“They just released a study that more people are healed in a Catholic church than in Pentecostal churches,”

“Because Catholic people revere the Eucharist.”

“More people get healed in a Catholic church during communion than Pentecostals… because to us it’s symbolic.”

“Well Jesus didn’t say, ‘This is symbolic of body,’ he said, ‘This is my body’; [he didn’t say,] ‘This is symbolic of my blood,’ he said, ‘This is my blood.’”

“And I believe, I always have believed, that in the Spirit it is his body, in the Spirit its his blood, so you revere it. There’s healing in communion. Absolutely, I’ve seen it happen in my own ministry.”


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